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excerpt from:
The Power of Pessimism BY Hector The Crow
'I'm drowning in a pornographic flood - no air bubbles, but plenty of holes. It's gone beyond the living room. My tour was detoured, now I'm in a metaverse that re-ordered itself to survive? Men and women everywhere are tapping into their fantasies. I hope it won't be like this forever. It's hollow - there's no social dimension, only sex. This is the snow crash of the metaverse, like the prophet Neil Stephenson envisioned. It could be a terrorist weapon, the fundies would love to use our sexual freedom against us. The lure of the honeypot will become static, then death. Once you're here, there's no resisting it.'
click here to hear - Romance is Dead by April A.



Far Arden w/dances


easy come, easy go

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transferring data from static


I am the Founder of Salty Dreams


he asked
where have u been?

beneath us
the moon is giving it away




shiny things gently fold in upon themselves

Has something beautiful happened?

only upstream

your tree shouldered


are being coded with black silver